Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tampering with the Gospel

     The evangelical Christian author John Stott (1921 - 2011) has well said:
"To tamper with the gospel is to trouble the Church. . . . Indeed, the Church's greatest troublemakers (now as then) are not those outside who oppose, ridicule and persecute it, but those inside who try to change the gospel. . . . Conversely, the only way to be a good churchman is to be a good gospel-man. The best way to serve the Church is to believe and to preach the gospel."1

     Ironically, even Tom Stegall of Duluth Bible Church - after tampering with the Gospel by removing Christ's burial from his former church's doctrinal statement on the "SOLE CONDITION FOR SALVATION" (i.e. the Gospel), writes: "the wickedest transgression according to the Word of God is tampering with the gospel."2


1 John Stott, The Message of Galatians (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1968), "The Bible Speaks Today."

2 Tom Stegall, "The Tragedy of the Crossless Gospel Pt. 9," The Grace Family Journal (Special Edition 2008), p. 1.