Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Overlooked Fact of the Gospel

Easter is a time when we rightly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But in our rush towards the resurrection, let's not bypass the burial.

In his sermon "The Overlooked Fact of the Gospel," Bill McFarland reminds us of the importance of Christ's burial in the gospel story. He writes:
"Notice that the burial of Jesus is an important event, an important fact of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus predicted his suffering, just as he prepared his disciples to know that he was going to be raised up again on the third day, he also predicted his burial...
The letters of the New Testament, even the preaching in the book of Acts, also emphasize the place of the burial in the gospel story...
And then notice that all four of the gospel accounts have paragraphs in them that describe the event of the burial. There are not very many episodes in Jesus' life which are described by all four of these gospel accounts."

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